French naturalisations #general

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According to the ministerial order of June 11th 1998, some
important modifications have been done in order to consult
the dossiers of naturalisation, as well as the dossiers of
integration. Quite all the former information for this
consultation is no more valid.

The Infofile "French resources for Jewish Genealogy" concerning
this chapter will be uptodated soon .

When requests were made to become naturalized French citizens,
it was necessary to prepare a dossier with necessary information.
After some years living in France (the period has varied), if the
autorisation was given, it was possible to obtain French
nationality. A statutory order, "decret", was published .
It is that dossier which may be consulted, if it dates >from more
than 60 YEARS AGO.

You often have the names, places of birth, ages, professions,
addresses, often the names and origins of the parents . The wife is
mentioned and sometimes her parents, the living and minor children
too, with dates and places of birth.

There are often errors or imprecisions, but the documents are very

The research
- - - - - - - -- -
It is a little complicated, I will try to simplify the
explanations. It has to be done in 2 stages.

1 - The research of the "decret".

The "decret" can be found in "Le bulletin des lois", about
500 books present in the large administrative libraries, in
all departements of France. Before 1900, there are indexes
each 10 years with all the names in alphabetical order in
the chapter "etrangers" of the "partie supplementaire".
I have to say that the research may be difficult.
Since 1900, there are books with the alphabetical list of all the
naturalisations, for each ten years. It is easier to find the
decret, but note: the wives are listed only under the name of the

In both cases, note the date and the number of the "decret".

2 - In order to consult it, the dossier has to be requested
at the CARAN, (Centre d'Accueil et de Recherches des Archives

CARAN, salle de lecture
4 rue des Quatre Fils
75003 Paris, France

The research of the dossier take about 3 weeks.
You may know when it is ready, by letter or calling there.

Then, you have to go and look at the dossier.
Photocopies cannot be done any more.

They propose to do microfilms and then photocopies.
Price : about $1 for one page.

The order has to be written in duplicate; the precise pages
to photocopy must be mentioned. After 10 days, an estimate
will be sent to you. You have to answer and send a check.
The microfilms and photos will arrive after some weeks.

If the dossier is less than 60 years old, you have to ask for a
dispensation. The CARAN has papers to fill.
The answer will be given after about two months.
Then you can ask for the dossier as written above.

You may ask for more precision to Micheline GUTMANN, GenAmi

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