BARG-BERG Family #general

Simon Barak

This is to announce the existence of a web page dedicated to the BARG
BARK BERG family name.The URL is
but can be reached also by typing

We are not sure neither that the Berg and Barg families are indeed one,
nor that all Bergs and all Bargs are descendants of a single line.
For the Berg name, some of the families obtained their family name very
early (13th century) due to their living in the old German duchy of
homonymous name {on the right bank of the Rhine, now in the
administrative districts of Dusseldorf and Cologne}. Others might have
came >from the Italian city of Bergamo in Northern Italy while others got
the name due to their lodging in the hill side of their shteitl.

Part of the Barg family got probably it's name likewise but a familial
tradition cited in the Diaspora Museum Computer (and in Kaganoff's
book?-so I was told) makes some of the Barg's descendent of Rabeinu
Gershom Meor Hagola (960-1028).

I started the web page with Barg-Berg families originally >from Podolia
and the surroundings of Odessa, nowadays dispersed to four corners of
the World with a huge representation in Argentina.

I am almost certain that many Polish, Moldavian, Lithuanian and Russian
Bargs are related to us and ask all JewishGeners to alert any Barg or
Bark or Berg to this announcement.

Dr Shimon Barak

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