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Peter Sinclair <peter@...>

Apropos the comments made by Judith Romney Wegner below and actions
taken by the British Government at that time, it must be said that the
latter was cajoled into doing something by a relatively small group of
determined, dedicated and prominent Anglo-Jewish men and women who
left no stone unturned to secure aid and assistance of every sort, at
a time when Britain stood alone in the world against the Nazi terror .
A fully documented and excellent book on this subject under the title
"Men of Vision" (Anglo-Jewry's aid to victims of the Nazi Regime
1933-1945), author Amy Zahl Gottlieb, published by Weidenfeld and
Nicolson, The Orion Publishing Group Ltd., ISBN 0 297 84230 7 has to
be compulsory reading.

H. Peter Sinclair

On 31 Dec 1998 09:46:27 -0800, in soc.genealogy.jewish Judith Romney
Wegner wrote:

Subject: Re: KinderTransport
A note to the person asking about The KinderTransports.
There is a documentary that will be playing in NYC in
January about the KinderTransports (1938-1939) called
"My Knees Were Jumping" Take a look at its Website at

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