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Amira Kohn-Trattner <amira.kt@...>

Although Bukovina is out of our SIG's geographical area of interest, I
recently discovered that there may be three additional towns or villages
named Bukovina in the Czech Republic.

During my recent trip to Prague, I asked Arno Parik (curator of the Jewish
Museum in Prague) where Bukovina, mentioned in my gg grandfather's birth
certificate, might be. My gg grandfather, Leopold KAFKA, lived in southern
Bohemia in the village of Osek (where he lived together with Jacob KAFKA,
his brother who was also Franz KAFKA's grandfather, in # 30 on the Jewish
Street). Arno Parik thought that he had probably come originally >from a
nearby town called Velky Bukovina. I have also been informed by an
archivist at the State Archives that there are at least three villages or
towns in the Czech Republic with the name Bukovina. Before I discovered
that there were and are other towns named Bukovina I believed that my gg
grandfather had probably come >from the Bukowina which is now partly in
Romania and partly in the Ukraine. (This of course still requires further

My grandfather's mother was Marie KAFKA (who married Ludwig KOHN) and was
the daughter of Leopold KAFKA. The Jewish Museum is currently situated in
what had been my grandparents' (and mother's and uncles') home in Prague.
The Museum recently mounted an exhibit on my grandfather, Viktor KOHN, and
the family in Prague at the entrance to the Museum's library (which once was
my mother's bedroom). Viktor KOHN was a leader in the Jewish Community in
Prague, one of the founders and supporters of the Jewish Day School, a
representative of the Jewish minority to the Czech Parliament,
representative of Keren Kayemet and Keren Hayesod, founder and supporter of
a refugee center for Polish Jews, publisher of Der Judenstaadt - a Zionist
publication, and a friend of Max BROD, Vladimir JABOTINSKY, Franz WERFEL,
etc. He took his entire immediate family to Palestine in 1936 where he
later died and is buried.

Amira Kohn-Trattner
New York

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