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steven weiss wrote:

What significance is it that Russian was used and not Yiddish.
Would Jews >from a large city like Simferopol look down on Yiddish?
Did Krymchak Jews know the Yiddish language?
Thank you Steven Weiss Chicago
A relative of mine called Mauricio Charchir (Mordechai Bechar Tischajchir)
was born in Kerch, Crimea, in 1881. He narrates in his Memories the scene
in which his father stands as a candidate for emigration to Argentina in 1891, before the Jewish Colonisation Association Commitee: "There were
three people at the table. They looked surprised when daddy talked in
Russian. One of them spoke Russian. They began argueing in French. Finally
they told him: -We doubt you're a yid (Jew). They began examining us:
-What do you say when you get up in the morning?
-Mode ani lefonejo...
Then they asked him what he used to say before going to sleep. Daddy
answered. Next question:
-Tell us about Jewish feasts all through the year. Daddy answered, and then
the man said:
-=A1Debolne! (Accepted)."

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