Re: Ira ZINMAN #general


Dear People,

In her message #48, 1/5/99, Jonina Duker inquired about an Ira Zinman,
of "Illinois or Indiana," with whom she had lost contact.

As I later told to her, I immediately recognized the name as belonging
to a lawyer living in my town, who specializes in immigration law, and
who helped my former husband with some legal problems. I could hardly
wait to call him to be sure that he was THE Ira Zinman. In fact,at 9:00
a.m., when neither he nor his secretary were yet in his office because
of all the ice and snow in our area, I called him at home! He was a
little startled but recognized who I was. I read Ms. Duker's message
to him, and he told me that it must have been at least twelve years s
ince he and Ms. Duker had corresponded or talked.

He was also interested to learn about Jewishgen, and when I copied Ms
Duker's message and sent it to him, I praised and described in great
detail all the benefits Jewishgen offers.

Although Ms. Duker had asked that responses to her message be sent
privately to her, because she did not have ready access to a computer,
this morning she gave me permission to crow about having found her Ira
Zinman. And so I am!

It is uncanny how many links are made merely by participating in this
mail group.

Naomi Fatouros
Bloomington, Indiana

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