Crying over lost family. #general

Corinne Silver <corinnesilver@...>

I have received so many warm and caring emails in response to me
sharing my emotions at seeing family names on the Brest Getto Web site.
Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and emotions with me.
Suddenly as the mystery unravels about each name , and we find out
more about our ancestors, I guess they are no longer names and dates,
but we touch their lives, they almost "come alive".
An amusing story about my "flapper" grandmother driving a red sports
car round the streets of London provokes laughter and exileration.
In the same way as seeing family names on a getto list, when one can
only imagine the tiniest amout of the horror they were going through
provokes pain and tear and even mild trauma.
Thankyou one and all for sharing my journey of discovery with me.
I still have a lot more to find out and am pleased I found the Jewish
"genners" to do it with.

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