Sprinza/Esperanca #general


The name Esperanca seems to have always had a "Jewish" flavor that cut
across community barriers. I doubt it was ever confined to Sfardim.
It may have been a popular name, too, among Gentiles.

Latin words (and >from Romance languages in general) starting with ES (or
its French transformation, e aigu--é if you can read this) tend to loose
the initial E when they cross into the English and German speaking worlds,
Thus étranger/stranger, état/state. And hence, Esperanca becomes

Michael Bernet, New York


BERNET, BERNAT, BAERNET, BERNERTH etc >from Frensdorf, Bamberg, Nurnberg
KONIGSHOFER: Welbhausen, Konigshofen, Furth; PODERATZKI: Paris, Nurnberg.
ALTMANN: Kattowitz, Breslau, Poznan, Beuthen--Upper Silesia/Poland
WOLF: Frankfurt (Aron Wolf m. Babette Goldschmidt ca 1860) also in
Wurzburg, also Sali WOLF, Rotterdam

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