Searching for FINKELSTEIN relatives. #general

Masnick, Burt <masnick@...>

Successful research (and JewishGen) have helped me locate heretofore
unknown second and third cousins. But I am missing basic information
on my first cousins. My uncle on my mother's side was Hyman FINKELSTEIN.
Hymie was my mother's oldest brother and he died on July 4, 1943 at the
age of 37. Hyman was married to "Lottie" (we assume Charlotte),lived in
Sunnyside, Queens, New York and had at least two children (my sister
believes they were male), most likely born in the late 20s or the 30s.
Here's the problem. Hymie died of what was probably stomach cancer in
1943. My mother's side of the family completely lost contact with Lottie
and her children after Hymie's death. Thus I have (or had) first cousins
and an aunt of whom I know nothing. They could be alive or dead, in New
York or anywhere else in the world.

I have seen Hymie's tombstone and Lottie's is not beside his, so she may
have remarried or moved or still be alive. If Lottie is still alive she
would probably be near 90. I would appreciate any assistance in locating
my cousins and/or Lottie so that I can try to reconnect our families.

Burt Masnick

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