Searching ROOKERS about Uzda #general

sy pearlman <pearlman@...>

In an old message Susan and David Rooker said they were searching a family
LEVINE in Uzda,Belarus. Their e-mail address is not working. If anyone
knows how to contact them, please let me know.
Sy Pearlman, NY,NY (pearlman@...)

(Bialystok,Lomza,Wysokie Mazowieckie,Ciechanowiec)
PEARLMAN (Rozany and Luzhki in Belarus
KUNOFSKY and LEVINE (Minsk,Nesvizh, Valoshin and Uzda in Belarus)
TREITELMAN and KAMINER (Odessa) MUNTZER (Glebowice, near Auschwitz)
BERNBACH and CHAIT (Ulanow, Poland)

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