Bagoon in Israel #general

arthur jacobs <kingart@...>

I am looking to find relatives of my grandmother Ida BEGUN who
emigrated to NYC around l910 >from Minsk Gubernia with her sister
Sarah. Her two brothers both rabbis went to Palestine. One
became well known and is buried in a children's cemetery there.
My grandmother's family was very religious and she married
Michael SINGMAN in l913, while her sister became a NEWMAN.

We know of only one relative there - Ora BAGOON - who we last heard
from twenty years ago when she was in the Israeli army and had just
married someone name WEITZMANN ( or something of a similar name)

I don't know how many relatives we have in Israel but if we could renew
contact this would this side of the family I am sure there are a number
of them. Any help you can give me by researching phone directories or checking records would be of great help.

Thanks for your help and I eagerly await replies.

Diane Glazer Jacobs

SINGMAN >from Vilna GLAZER >from Bereza
RABINOWITZ >from Berez SHAPIRO >from Punavers
JACOBS >from Musnik SCNEIDER >from Ostroleka
CHESLER >from Ostroleka

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