Search engines #general

Anita Citron <anitac1@...>

Since this may be a question of general interest I am responding to the list.
The easiest way I have found to locate a person is to type his/her name
into the URL and ask the search engine to find him/her. Good luck.
Might I also add, use something like Altavista. Many metasearch engines
just give you the top few hits. Altavista gives you every little bit of
nonsense on the web with the name. Also, try more than one search engine. I
am not quite sure what each sets as criteria on a search or how a site is
listed by them but apparently they vary.

AND, don't just check once. Sites appear and disappear often.

Anita Citron
Flushing (NYC), New York
Searching NADWORNY, SILVER (Odessa) MEDNIK/WILDMAN (Berdichev)

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