Help find Sam GROSS, Bronx #general

Theo Travis <travis@...>

Having unearthed my grandmother's address book, I found a listing for a Sam
Gross, who could be a cousin of my grandfather. Both of my grandparents have
been dead for over 20 years, so I can't ask them. It is possible that Sam
GROSS is also dead, and he would certainly be in his 80s if alive. There was
no area code or address listed, which indicated to me that he probably lived
somewhat locally to my grandparents, who were in the Bronx. I have checked
the internet and there is one S Gross listed in the Bronx, but with a
different phone number.

I have two questions: was a number that began with 923 (5727 was the rest)
likely to be in the Bronx and does anyone have an old phone book (very old)
from the New York area that they can check so I can at least nail down when
he was living at that number and maybe when he stopped living there? I live
in London so I can't go to the NYC public library for myself. Can I order
phone books >from the FHC?


Madelyn Travis

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