Searching MENDELSON/MENDELSOHN/LEIBOVITCH; Suwalki, Lithuania; 1820-1933 #general


Mandel MENDELSON/MENDELSOHN, my maternal g-g-grandfather
Jennie Ida LEIBOVITCH, his wife
Their 3 children:
Lena (my g-grandmother) b. approx. 1848
Bertha (Benjamin)
Abraham (a Chicago teacher) b. Nov. 25, 1857, Suwalki

Mandel & Jennie’s children went to Chicago, but it is not certain if
they, the parents, went as well.

Lena’s husband is listed as Benjamin Mendelson. Her maiden and married
names are the same. Could she have married a cousin? Lena & Benjamin
had 8 daughters who married into the following families: Nider, Good,
Michaelson, Badesch, Eichel, Gold, Pizer and Jacobson.

Family lore has it that Lena was born in Sweden. To be determined.

Sandi Root (, Bogota, Colombia

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