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Herb <herbiem@...>

There are a few books that have photos and descriptions of the ships
that carried passengers to the U.S.
**Passenger ships of the World , Past & Present by Eugene W. Smith
**Trans-Atlantic Passenger Ships, Past And Present by Eugene W. Smith
**Ships of our Ancestors by Michael J. Anuta

I was able to get access to these via the local library or inter-library

Also if you search the Web for something like "immigration and ships"
you will find many sources for photos. Some of the web pages of the
larger ship companies also have information and photos of the ships
that carried immigrants.

Herb Meyers
Boulder, CO

Vivian Kahn wrote :

Gayle Riley wrote:

Can someone recommed a couple of book in which I could find photos
of the passenger ships our families came to the US in..?
I found pictures of the Furnessia and the Saxonia, the ships on which
my grandmother and father arrived at Ellis Island, among photos >from
the >Detroit Publishing company that are available at the Library of
Congress website. This is a wonderful collection of photos including
views of early 20th century life and cities throughout the country.

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