Finkelstein + Kaplan #general

Claude & Sally Janin <snjanin@...>

I am looking for information regarding the following family members (please
note that I live on a small island in the Caribbean; there is no FHC where
I live or anywhere nearby; no one in my family seems to know what happened
to these individuals; internet searches and SSDI searches have turned up
either many people with these names or nothing; I also have checked the

Sadie FINKELSTEIN b. 1880s? married Harry KAPLAN
(whether they were born and married overseas or in the United States is not

They had 5 children (whether the 5 children were born in the United States
or overseas is not known, but they should all be in the United States now)

Jeanette KAPLAN m. Irving STONE; one daughter
Beatrice KAPLAN m. ????
Lilly KAPLAN m. Alfred GOLDMAN (may be a doctor); one daughter
William KAPLAN m. ????; one daughter
Fred KAPLAN m. ????

Please contact me privately if you have any information about these
individuals. Thank you very much.

Sally Janin

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