Re: ships #unitedkingdom

Ralph Berrick <rbofrb@...>

There is a book, "Ships of our Ancestors", by Michael Anuta, that has
pictures of steam and sailing ships, 19th and 20th centuries.
You can also write to the :
Steamship Historical Society
University of Baltimore Library
1420 Maryland Avenue
Baltimore, Md. 21201-5779
They have over 200,000 prints slides and negatives. Just give them the
name of the ship, and there is a charge of $16.00 for an 8x10, less for
smaller sizes, and more for 11x14.
Ralph Berrick
San Diego

gayle riley wrote:

Can someone recommed a couple of book in which I could find photos of
the passenger ships our families came to the US in..?
Gayle >from San Gabriel, Ca

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