Seeking KIRSNERS in Manchester #general

Joyce Peck <Joycekp@...>

Dear JewishGenners, Before I start writing letters and contacting the
Jewish Telegraph in Manchester, England, I thought I'd put this out to

Recently I replayed an audio tape I made with my father, Irving (Itschok
Leyb or Isadore) about 20 years ago shortly before he died. On it he
talks about his father, Jacob Kirsner, who immigrated to NYC >from Dubno,
Russia. (Jacob was born in Ludz (?) or Letz (?).) Jacob Kirsner visited
his brother, Issac, in 1908, in Manchester, England. Issac had a son
Jack, who came to NY. Either Jack or Issac had a niece, Hannah. Jacob
and Issac had other siblings, at least one sister, in the U.S. but my
father didn't know their names. I'm not even sure of Issac's last name.
It could be Kirsner or anything else similar. Other family members have
told me we are connected to the Kasmirs in England and I have been in
touch with them, but so far I see no shared relative.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? If so, please contact me privately at

Joyced Peck
Searching: KIRSNER and FINESILVER >from Dubno; RUBIN (RUBENCHIK) and
GOLDSMITH (GOLDSHMID) >from Minsk and Molodechno.

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