Searching: DURLACHER, Kippenheim and MICHAELIS, Halle #general

M Schejtman <mario_m@...>

I am searching for two main families and their branches.
The first is DURLACHER >from Kippenheim in SW Germany. Other families
connected with them are Weil, Levi, Faiss (Feiss), Netter, Stern, Stein, Mayer.
Other towns are Durlach, Karlsruhe, Baden-Baden, Hamburg.

The second is MICHAELIS >from Halle and Hamburg in Northern Germany. I
have only one other name- VOLGEMUT.

Thank you

Merav Schejtman

DURLACHER, WEIL >from Southern Germany
MICHAELIS, VOLGEMUT,LEVI >from Northern Germany

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