Re: Dates on SSI Death Index #general


My father arrived in the US in March, 1913. He was just turning 16 years
old. When he was asked his age by the authorities he blurted out "14" Many
years later, when I asked why he did that he shrugged and said "I was just a
kid" - I guess to him it was just a lark. On some subsequent records he shows
up as being a year older, and on others to be a year younger. When Social
Security began SS rechecked the arrival record and he was stuck with 14. In
truth, however, he only knew his approximate date of birth. His mother told
him that he had been born "a week before Pesach."

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Patricia Adams wrote:

My father's SSDI date of death is also a month and year which is correct.
His date of birth is not correct. ....

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