Pre registration Jewish births in England #general

Ellie Weld <ellieweld@...>

Michael Bernet has expressed puzzlement over the query about pre
registration Jewish births in England (though his questions do sound faintly
sarcastic to me). My understanding of the original query -- though I may be
quite wrong -- is that there were no official government birth registrations
or certificates in England before 1837. Non-Jews would have been listed in
the Church of England parish registers, but where would one be able to find
Jewish birth records pre-dating 1837? In some cases, it has been suggested
to me, they may have been included in these same parish registers, but I
should imagine this would vary >from place to place.

Of course I may have completely misunderstood the original query, in which
case I should be interested to know what was meant.

Ellie Weld

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