Birth Certificate for Elja PACEWICZ, 1927, Grodno #general

Miriam Margolyes <75342.3217@...>

This is an excerpt of a translation of a document I have which may interest some:

Vital Statistics Office at the Jewish Congregation (GMINA)of the City of
Grodno - GRODNO, 17 September 1927 No. 1208

that in 1866 a son, named Elja, was born in Grodno to
the couple: Nesanel (son of Mowsza)
Pacewicz and his wife Rywka (daughter of Josiel)
Goldsztejn ...
Miriam Margolyes
searching: STUPEL (Grodno) GELBORD (Grodno & Bialystock) Margolyes
PACEWICZ (Grodno) TURIANSKY (Grodno) SANDEMANN (Liverpool & South Africa

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