1910 US Census Index for Phila. at the Carnegie Lib. of Pittsburgh #general

Matthew Meisel <mattmeisel@...>

To all Genners who live in Pittsburgh, PA, or who plan to do research

A while back I submitted a question about the 1910 US Census Index of
Philadelphia, PA. Thanks to all who responded. I found the rolls of
microfilm at my local library, the Carnegie of Pittsburgh.
At the Carnegie, the rolls of microfilm of the index are in the first
bank of microfilms in the microfilm room. If you have trouble finding
them, ask the microfilm librarian to show you rolls 529 to 688. Some of
the genealogy librarians at the Carnegie don't know the rolls exist.

Matthew Meisel
mattmeisel@pmail.net - my new address, the old one still works too

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