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MarkGrekin <markgrekin@...>

On Jan. 20, 1999 you wrote:
<< Need some help with some information that I just received on an SS-5 Social
Security application. The applicant, who emigrated to the US in 1900 at age 4,
put down Rovna, Russia as his birthplace. >>

Hi Mark,

Aah! Those mispronunciations again and again! ! !
Very often emigrating Jews didn't state the exact province of the Russian
Empire they came from. They just put "Russia".
The town name you are looking for is "Rovno", Ukraine or, in Ukrainian
pronunciation, - "Rivne". In English that means "flat, plain surface"
Look in the shtetlseeker and you will see about four of them in Ukraine.
That's another problem but I guess I have a pretty good idea which one is your
applicant's place.
There was one and only one significant Rovno at the beginning of the century in
the Ukraine with a large Jewish population.
But to check where it is exactly located I shall visit our central library
which has an old Russian encyclopedia published in 1891-1905 by Brockgause and
Ephron in Saint Petersburg. But it's too far >from me to go.
Check the big libraries in your area for this encyclopedia and if they have it,
look under the Russian letter "R" (it's like English "P")
I also remember reading a Russian book by Mr. Medvedev "Eto bylo pod Rovno"
(it's a Russian title expessed in Latin letters) about Russian guerrilla
actions against the Germans in WW2 near that town.
Mark Grekin

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