Re: Where is Soslak (Szil) in the Carpathian Mountains? #general


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I am looking for a town in the Carpathian mountain region,formerly in Hungary
known as Soslak but now called Szil. It is most likely in the Ukraine at
present. I have not been able to locate it on any of my maps. Anyone out there
who may know where it is?
Julian Falk

If you look at the corner where Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine come
together, Soslak, now Sil, is located in Ukraine, just east of the
Slovak border, just south of the Polish border. It's about 5 miles
NNE of Velyky Bereznyj in Ukraine, just north of where the Uz river
makes its bend to the east. It's almost due east of Snina in Slovakia.

Joe Armata

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