Spring board book of the East End of London #general

Corinne Silver <corinnesilver@...>

Someone( and I have miss-laid the letter) kindly wrote to me about
Silversteins salt beef bar. They said that they had seen picture of it
in a copy of the Spring board book of the East End of London.
I have been unable to obtain the copy of the book that I had bought my
grandmother, as some (un- history minded) member of the family gave it
away to a charity shop when Grandma went into the care home! (not my
favorite family member right now!) Is there a Genner out there with a
copy of the book so they can send me the
ISBN number and date of publication. As it is a local history
interest book, and as Manchester is not in the same locality as the
East end of London I am having trouble locating a copy.
Please reply privately to my business mail address.
By the way I appoligise for not responding to much mail over the next
10 days as I am off to hospital for an operation on my neck.
thank you for your help in advance

Corinne Silver
Manchester U.K.

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