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I am trying to establish the family tree of Louis KYEZOR. He was born In
Frankfurt some time in the 1790s - ages
attributed to him in the various Censuses and elsewhere place his birth
year between 1793 and 1797. He came to England early in the 19th century.
He spent most of his life in London and Middlesex but the first reference
to him is in 1830 when he was in Doncaster, Yorkshire and the family were
in London >from the late 1830s. He was a watchmaker.

He had several children - Jessie (or Jessy or Jessey), Louis, George,
Henry, Matilda. It is possible his father was John KYEZOR who was aged 90
at the 1841 Census. His wife was Sophia Flora KYEZOR who died of apoplexy
in 1839 in London aged 36.

Louis KYEZOR senior eventually lived at Witton, now in Twickenham, where he
was active and a local benefactor. He came to prominence in 1869 when he
was murdered. He was buried at Bancroft Road cemetery (in the same road as
the Tower Hamlets Local History Library). Unfortunately the cemetery was
bombed during the war so it is not possible to view the headstone. Moreover
the records of the cemetery were also lost in the bombing of the Western

His son Louis, also a watchmaker, had 10 children, most of whom I have
been unable to trace except for George (1857-1924). I am told that Louis
senior's son Henry lived in Hounslow.

His son Louis died in 1887 aged 54; one of his daughters became Mrs Henry
HEILBRON. This was probably Matilda, who inherited most of his estate. A
grand-daughter was a gifted child musician, Mademoiselle Sophia Flora

I should very much like to know more about the family. I have no knowledge
of any of them after George's death in 1924. It is possible that the name
was changed by some of them at some point.

Any information would be gratefully received.

Harold Pollins

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