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Stuart Liss wrote:
I sent away to Yad Vashem for pages of testimony for
LISKOWSKY >from Kartuz Bereza and received 9 pages back for
people I didn't know about previously.
They were submitted by a Moshe Tochman ...

Dear Stuart:
I see you had some success with Yad Vashem. I too had a similar experience
regarding the names on the list. Moshe Tuchman was a member of the Kartuz
Bereza Organization in Israel that apparently assembled the 4500 or so names
to submit to Yad Vashem. I suspect he listed himself as a relative so that
these names could be accepted. I also attempted to contact him this summer,
but was told by Chaim Ben-Israel, who heads the organization, that he
unfortunately passed away several months ago. Mr. Ben-Israel did put me in
contact with a woman who was a friend of a family member of mine in Bereza,
who despite her age, was able to confirm the family connections I had put
together >from the Yad Vashem lists.
I would try to contact Mr. Ben Israel in Israel. They are glad to help and are
grateful that people show an interest in their town since it no longer exists
as a Jewish community. I would also attempt to locate the Memorial Book they
published in 1993.

Joe Ross, Philadelphia

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