Fw: London Rabbis #general

Corinne Silver <silverlining@...>

I recently wrote and said that the London School of Jewish Studies at
Schaller House, Albert Road, London NW4 2SJ Telephone 0181 203 6102 is a
good source of information. The Liberian is Mr Ezra Kahan. They now have an email address which is lsjs@mailbox.ulcc.ac.uk
Their website is www.brijnet.org/lsjs/
They are primarily a modern orthodox Yeshiva/Yeshevot but their library
houses an amazing collection of Judaica.
If Mr Ezra Kahan is not aware himself of the information you are looking
for I can almost guarantee he will know of a book or journal that can
Good luck.
Please note new email address!
Corinne Silver

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