Re: Grave Information in Solkolka, Poland #general


Shalom: Someone led me to the notion that local government offices in
towns in Poland documented the deaths and even brith milahs of persons
in their town. Also, gravesites were documented. Do you have any
information on this subject and could you guide me to where on the
Jewishgen data base or other sources for such information? Thank you.
Norman Levitz.
Please note that Sokolka and not Solkolka is a town near Bialystok (47 km
north) with known Jewish community since the 17th century. About 3000
Jews lived there before the Holocaust. The last rabbis were Berko
Srulewicz Fridberg and Icko Szuster. Nearby was a small village named
"Palestyna" (!) where Jewish farmers lived.
More information and inscriptions >from tombstones still existing are
available in a newly published book by Tomasz Wisniewski "Jewish Bialystok
and surroundings in Eastern Poland". More about the book,
see at my web page:
Regardig vital records >from Sokolka, pls check in JRI database and
sources, at:


Ada Holtzman

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