JewishGen Tidbytes - New FTJP goes live and then SOME! #general

Susan E. King <susan.king@...>

The vote is in and the concensus is...."Susan, it's even better than
you's really AWESOME!"

Along with some valuable input >from our beta team, what you are
about to see in this newly designed Online version of the Family
Tree of the Jewish People is perhaps the most sophisticated to be
launched on JewishGen in our entire history.

from concept, design and implementation in just 3 weeks, there
are simply no words to describe the excitement and dynamics that
went on behind the scenes when JewishGen's web development team
put their heads together and they began to act as one! One can only
imagine what could really be accomplished if this effort was full time
and not between jobs and family!

Michael Tobias' wizardry and Warren Blatt's design and focus on detail
has led to what we believe will be an invaluable tool for Jewish
researchers today and in the years to come. Here's a brief summary of
what you will find when you go to JewishGen's online version of the
Family Tree of the Jewish People now "live" >from the JewishGen home
1. D-M soundex has been implemented
2. Search feature allows for search of surnames with a 'starting
3. Search feature now for locating TOWNS and COUNTRIES
within the birth/death/marriage fields
4. Your submissions are now highlighted in the search results page
5. Submissions are identified by researcher code number so you can
tell immediately if the researchers identified are the same person or
different >from eachother.
6. Icons indicate
7. whether there are ancestors and/or descendents for an
7. A simplified report display showing both the pedigree and family
group sheet on a single page
8. A 3-generation gedcom matching system. Looking forward to
when the database is massive and you do not want to wade thru 100000
entries for the surname COHEN, you can narrow your search by adding
further related surnames to cover both parents and all 4 grandparents if
necessary. This search uses D-M soundex. If you match with somebody
else on all 6 surnames you are almost certainly related! Note: Both
grandfathers are included as it is possible that surname changes can
give 6 DIFFERENT surnames for a single tree.
9. You can choose how your search results are shown on screen in a
variety of ways:
a. Givenname
b. Surname+Givenname
c. Gedcom Processed Date
d. Gedcom Processed Date (reverse order)
e. Sumbitter JGFF code

10. A search filter for givenname. If you search for GOLDBERG David,
it will look for David anywhere in the givenname, so it matches with:
GOLDBERG, Alan David
GOLDBERG, David Richard

This new engine is as intuitive as they come. So, in the excitement of
sharing, we decided to "jump the gun" and make it available without an
updated FAQ which is in fact underway. So, any questions, contact

The value of this system will only increase as more and more of you
begin to participate by uploading your GEDCOM into the system. You can
do so very easily using the upload feature on the main FTJP page. As
we launch this new engine, there are nearly a half a million
individuals >from 300 submitters. And this number is growing at the
rate of 150,000-175,000 new individuals a week. IMPORTANT NOTE: Only
those who have uploaded or sent their Gedcoms *directly* to JewishGen
will see their family trees in this online version.

And there is still more to share.......

If you, like those of us behind the scenes, hadn't realized, that we
have over 3000 html and text pages on the JewishGen website in
addition to all the databases, this next bit of information will
really be an eye opener! There is a wealth of information but not
only has it become overwhelming to manage, it has become next to
impossible for you (or us <grin>) to easily find what we are looking
for without wading through, well literally thousands of pages..

So, with great pleasure we can safely announce that in the very near
future, we will be implementing a site wide indexing and search engine
so information stored in each of the html and text based files on the
JewishGen server can be easily retrieved!

Through the sponsorship of both The Zantker Charitable Foundation and
Infoseek Corporation, we are planning to launch the powerful Ultraseek
Server on the JewishGen server very soon. A few little "nits" are in
our way... like our current server resources will not accommodate the
implementation of all these new "things" at one time without adding
some additional hardware.

Now we know you have heard this before.. so let's add a "wink" and a

JewishGen continues to provide everything as a public service to
Jewish genealogical researchers the world over. We simply ask that
those of you who receive value >from these services would let us know
of your appreciation through your JewishGen-erosity at whatever level
you can afford.

We also hope you have noticed the recent implementation in the "search
engine >results page" on all of our major search engines a "special
thanks" to those who are assisting JewishGen and ultimately you in
your quest for more information and research tools. We are frantically
trying to keep pace with an astonishing 400% growth rate over the last
four months and there is no let up in our site, I mean sight. We hope
those of you who share in our belief that the mission of "preserving
our history for future generations" is important enough to warrant
your support.

So, to those who have the means to do so please
consider joining JewishGen's 1K club by making a contribution of $1000
or more.

Well, there's more....but perhaps we'll save that for yet another


IMPORTANT NOTE: All pertinent information on how to contribute is
located off

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