Translation from Minsk Archives Needed #general


I received a quick response to a letter sent to the Minsk Archives, asking
about information related to LURIA/LEVIN, SINGER, CHIDEKEL, BERMAN,
MOONIK/MUNIC, and one MIRKIN by marriage to CHIDEKEL, all of the Disna
Uezsd, Vilna Giberna pre-WWII. The only problem is it is all in Russian (or
Belorussian?). It looks like Russian. The only English states:
"Beneficiary: National Historical Archive of Belarus"
"Bank of Beneficiary:" with account info.
and "Correspondent Bank:" with account info and a Wall Street Address.
Can someone help me by translating it, if I sent a copy by snail mail or
scanned it and sent it as an attachment or faxed a scan of it? Any advice
would be appreciated. Karen Kirshner, NYC KKirshner@...

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