Yiddish names #general

Feige Stern <fstern@...>

Dear Fellow Jewishgenners,
I have been enjoying Mr. Bernet's discussions of name derivations and
meanings. I must however take issue with his discussion of the meaning
of the Shneur Zalman- the name of the first Rebbe of Lubavitch, also
known as the "Alter Rebbe". The name Shneur is not derived >from
Spanish- it is a contraction of two Hebrew words- "Shnei and Ohr"
meaning "Two lights", the light of Torah and the light of Chassidus
(Chassidic philosophy).
Michael, again thanks for your illuminating writing.
Feige Stern
Cleveland, OH
Researching: KLAVARSKY, KAUVAR, Seduva, Lithuania, SILVERSTEIN,
Rasseinai, Lithuania, HOFFMAN,Bessarabia, SCHWARTZ, Bucharest, Romania,
SCHENKER, Dankera, Latvia, SOBEL, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

MODERATOR NOTE: Be aware that sources can differ on many things, including
the origin of names. Often similar-sounding words in different languages
give rise to so-called "folk etymologies" that seem appealing but do not
reflect the actual historical evolution of the words. We have been
presented with competing versions of the origin of the name "Shneur", and
the reader must decide which is the real and which the "folk" etymology.
Barring definitive new information, we will close this thread here.

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