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<< I am not sure about Kushma
(which jewishgen mavens previously told me is a derivative of
Yekutiel). I think "Kushma" begins with < kof > (the 27th letter of
the alphabet), but perhaps it is < caf > (the 12th letter). Is it
< kof, shin, mem, hay >, or < kof, vuv, shin, mem, hay >, or no < hay >
at all, or something else? Your help would be a mitzvah.

A little hard to answer since there are only 22 letters in the Hebrew
alphabet. However, if you include sin and shin and bet and vet as separate
letters, and final forms of kaf, mem, nun and so on as separate letters,
you may go up into the thirties or even higher

Since you spell Moshe, correctly according to what is called "Ktav Chaser"
it would be appropriate to spell Kushma similarly, kof shin mem heh; or,
if it is an Aramaic name, kof shin mem alef. If it's >from Yekiutiel (could
be, but I'm not convinced --the common abbreviation for that would be Kusi
or Kuti) you'd definitely spell it with a kof--but with a Tav, not a Shin.
Without being privy to what Kushma might have been in its Hebrew form (if
any), it would be difficult to be precise. If you consider it a "free-
standing name, spell it the Yiddish phonetic way, Kof vav, shin, mem,
(alef), heh.

You may be able to get his proper name >from documentations of circumcision,
marriage, bar mitzvah or synagogue entries. If you do not find such
entries, it's likely that he didn't "officially" use that name in a Jewish
context. You could leave it out especially if it is not used in the civil

Michael Bernet, New York


BERNET, BERNAT, BAERNET, BERNERTH etc >from Frensdorf, Bamberg, Nurnberg
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