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The first letter on a marriage certificate is debatable, looking most like
an I with the remainder of the name definitely "edida." What is the most
likely given name??

Yedida is Hebrew for friend (fem). It is a not uncommon name among
Sfardim. Male form, Yadid is rare. I guess both originate >from Yedidyah
(friend of God) which has a vernerable status. Gottlied is a German/
Yiddish translation, so essentially is Lieber, and its derivative Lippman.

The iedida spelling might appear in German documents as Jedidah and in
French/English and other languages as Yedidah.

When you say marriage certificate I assume you do not refer to a ketuba
which usually has a caption such as "the rjoicing of the bride and the
groom" and then starts formally with "On the nth day of the Sabbath, the
xth day of the months of Y in the year Z since the creation of the world as
we reckon it in this town of . . . . " I do not see how Iedida would fit
into a ketuba, unless it's part of a variant caption with which I'm not

Michael Bernet, New York

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