Re: Israeli Given Names--What Gender? #general

David Ziants <davidz@...>

I originally mistakenly stated: << .... "Uzi" in itself is not a word or
an official name, but a diminutive of Uziel...>>

Please allow me to post a correction and an apology, especially to all
those with the name Uzi.

Having done a bit of research, prompted by a couple of J-Genners, I
found references in the Tanach (Bible) to six different people with
the name Uzi, and so this CAN be an official name.

"uzi" (with a kubbutz) (="my strength") DOES appear as a word and more
often than "ozi" (with a hataf-kamatz) which occurs in a famous phrase.

I still maintain that the modern Israeli name Uzi can *sometimes* be a
nick-name for Uziel.

David Ziants
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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