Name: Rywek= Riviki #general

Dianemail <dianemail@...>

I have one old photo signed Rywek, and a second one which I believe is
addressed to (brother) Riviki. I know of no family member with such a
name. Could this name, (assuming they are both the same person) in some
way relate to the male names I know-- Yudel, Hessel, Yitzak, Gershon or

Also, I have read much about Velvel=Wolf. Would a young man named Wolfson
ever sign a letter "V."?

Thanks for any help
Diane Newman
Berkeley, Ca.
Searching: WOLFSON, GULANTE, NACHMAN >from Rogatshev, Bobriusk and Gomel
LITVIN >from Rogatschev or Gomel

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