Vienna Jewish records #austria-czech

Henry Wellisch <henry.kelwel@...>

I just noticed that there are some additions on the Family History
(Mormons) website on Vienna Jewish records; Here is what you can find:

1. Kartei zu den Matriken der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde, 1810 - 1938,
Gauamt fuer Sippenforschung (Card index of registers of the Jewish
community, District office for Race research)
Comment: These index cards seem to have been made during the Nazi era.
They may contain important information.

2. Matrikel der Juedischen Gemeinde 1826 - 1938 (Register of the
Jewish Community)
111 films, published in 1980
78 films, published in 2004
Comment: I am very familiar with the 111 films, which are the BMD
record copies >from the Vienna city archive.
I have not seen any of the 78 films, but according to the website
these are also BMD records. It could be that these are the original
records >from the Jewish Community, or maybe a more complete refilming
of the registers of held at the City Archive. It should be noted that
although nominally duplicates, the IKG registers and those at the
City Archive might not be identical.

3. Matrikel 1830 - 1938 (Jewish Community records).
5 films, published in 1999
This is a card index of names A - B

4. Matrikel 1870 - 1914
Circumcision and birth records
1 film, originally 1939, >from Berlin.

5. Matrikel 1914 - 1918
3 films, published in 2002
Oesterreichische Militaerfuersorge (Austrian Military Ministry)
Birth and Marriage / Jewish soldiers 1915 - 1918

Henry Wellisch

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