Re: Records in Canada possibly for Montreal #general

D.J. Davidson <doug.davidson@...>

Sudbury is in Ontario and if you go to, pick your language
(English or French), click on Genealogy Research, click on Index to the
1871 Ontario Database, then you can conduct a search. When I did it I found
two Sarah Frank, but no Solomon Frank.

I was searching for my ancestors in Montreal and ran into this problem.
There are a number of districts and sub-districts in the 1901 census for
Montreal. They include names like: Ste Anne, West Ward, Quartier, Center,
East Ward, St Louis, St James, St Mary's, St Antoine, St Lawrence, St
Jaques, etc. It would help if you could narrow down which area you think
they are from. Why is this a problem, these districts & sub-districts are
spread out over 10 microfiche reels. Many hours worth of work to find a
couple of names (trust me I know - <grin>).
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

<snip> Secondly, my grandfather's eldest sister Sarah Frank (nee Diamond)
went to Canada in the year ????? (husband's name Solomon Frank)
<snip> It is possible that one of the first places she went to was Sudbury
(somehow or other this sticks in my mind). Ten years ago I found some of
her descendents in Montreal, still with the surname
<snip> I would think that Sarah entered Canada around the turn of the
century or very early 1900's.

Rica B Goldberg
Manchester, England

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