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Alice Greenberg (a-agreenberg@...) wrote:

: Has anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions as to how to
: handle? I understand they are entitled to receive remuneration for their
: work, and am willing to pay some amount but not what they are asking for.
: I still have additional research requests in progress and don't want to
: jeopardize those either....

I ran into this sort of thing recently. I asked for three specific
documents I knew [a particular information source] had. They gave me these
three pieces of information, yes, and then about 15 more pieces of
information -- and billed me for the lot! I was unhappy, because some of
it was duplicative of documents I already had -- in fact, documents I had
asked for a few months before >from the same place. I gave them my e-mail
address, address, and phone number (and yes, they do have e-mail and use
it, so they could have e-mailed me at no cost to them), so they could have
at least confirmed that I wanted all this stuff before they hunted it all
up, photocopied it, and mailed it to me.

I still have the bill, but haven't acted on it. I feel bad that I haven't
immediately paid up (which is what I did when I asked them for some
documents before), but I have been avoiding the unpleasantness of haggling
with them over the bill. Ugh.

Claire Petersky (petersky@...)

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