Re: Searching: KATZ Brooklyn Naturalization Records #general

AvrmGeller <avrmgeller@...>

I suggest you determine the year of naturalization by locating the
person(s) in the 1920 and/or 1910 Federal census which indicates the year
naturalized. The address of the person(s) when naturalized is also useful-
->from either a Federal or NY State census year or the City Directory for
that year. I think you would need this since Katz is such a common name.
I have also tried to find Brooklyn naturalizations (so far, to no avail);
the naturalizations are located in a basement room of the County Clerk's
Office, State Supreme Court, 360 Adams St, Brooklyn 11201 (718-643-5894).
There are bound index books grouped by year and then within the books
alphabetized by surname. The day I went there the index volume I needed
(1912) was missing ("in the bindery") and I will need to return. It is
also possible that the naturalization was done in a U.S. District Court, in
which case the indices can be searched at a U.S. National Archives or
Mormon Family History Center location. I would imagine that there are so
many Katz's in Brooklyn in any given year, even many with the same given
name, and that you would need an address etc. to pin down the right one.
I suggest you nail down all the facts you can and then give them a call. I
believe the cost for a search is $5.00.
Avrum Geller New York, NY

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