Emigration from Libau to Palestine #general

K.& L. Bertelsen <klb@...>

Recently while rereading the Libau Yizkor Book - *A Town named Libau*,
which is available via the Latviasig home page, I found a reference which I
thought might be of interest to people trying to work out how their
ancestors got >from Place A to Place B at any given time.

The extract was called *The 1934 Odyssey to the Land of Israel* by Jack
YAKOBI. He discussed the costs and route he and his friends took by train
from Libau to Riga, then to Warsaw and on to Bucharest to Constanza, and
from there by ship to Constantinople, and then >from there by train to
Beirut, >from where they were smuggled across the border into Palestine.

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Lorraine Bertelsen
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