Winter Issue of Avotaynu #general

GARY MOKOTOFF <garymokotoff@...>

Return to Judaism and Jewish roots echo throughout the Winter
issue of Avotaynu, which has just been mailed. Arthur
Benveniste's fascinating article illuminates the phenomenon of
modern Crypto-Jews; Gary Mokotoff's curiosity about a Cuban
refugee's name led him to the secret Jews of the Canary Island;
and two Christians--one >from Costa Rica, the other >from Jamaica--
request help discovering their own presumed Jewish ancestors.
Remarkable as it is, this surge of interest in Jewish roots is
not confined to Sephardim. Two years ago, Judith White discovered
her Jewish ancestry; now she reports her son's intent to close
the circle and raise his children as Jews.
The subtle but powerful subject of personal identity and
"belongingness" underlies almost all of the human interest
stories presented in the issue, many of them played out against
events of the Holocaust and/or mass migration, the two most
important events of Jewish life in the past 150 years.

Below is the Table of Contents

Avotaynu Declares Jewish Genealogy Month
AVOTAYNU Editors to Head B'nai Brith Genealogy Effort
Yad Vashem Database Will Document All Jews Caught Up in the
Living Vertically: Urban Research Methods
Genealogical Resources in New York City Abound for 19th Annual
In Which Haystack to Search: More on Sources for Russian-Jewish
Emigration >from the Port of Hamburg, Germany
Sherwood Forest Through the Genealogical Trees
Jewish Genealogical Research in Canada
The Jews of the Canary Islands
Crypto-Jews of the U.S. Southwest
Resources in Belgium Illuminate Larger Geographical Area
Finding a Family: A Tribute to My Father
Turciansky Svaty Martin
Oswego, New York: Wartime Haven for Jewish Refugees
A Trip to Ukraine
Morals of the Story
Peretz Amsel (18981942): One Man's Holocaust
Rediscovering Family
Traces of a Vanished World
The Last Mokotowski in Poland
How I Found a New Ancestor in Krakw, Poland
Making Lemonade Out of Lemons
Psychological Therapy Yields Genealogical Rewards
German Family Holds Paintings of Jewish Artist
Genealogy Research Helps Descendants
from Our Contributing Editors
Two Scholarly Journals
U.S. Update
Internet Corner
Family Finder
Ask the Experts
Book Reviews: >from A Ruined Garden: The Memorial Books of Polish
Jewry; These Are the Names: Studies in Jewish Onomastics; A
Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Female Ancestors; They
Became Americans: Finding Naturalization Records and Ethnic
Origins; 1998 Cemetery Project on CD-ROM
New Family Histories in Print

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