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Stephen Warshall <s_warshall@...>

Molly Gordy wrote:

Can someone tell me, would my immigrant
grandfather have listed his mom's maiden name on his
application for Social Security, his request for U.S. citizenship,
or any other American document that might be available to me?
SS applications do have a place for mother's full name, but petitions
for naturalization do not (at least did not before WW I; I do not
know about more recent petitions).

I have also found such "lost" maiden names in two other ways:

1. Death certificates in some locations (including NYC) have a place
for mother's maiden name. It is often left blank, but is sometimes

2. Marriage certificates also may include mother's maiden name and
these are almost always filled in.

So I would start with your grandfather's death cert and marriage
cert (if he was married in the US). If that does not work, I would do
the same for his siblings (who presumably had the same mother). If
these searches fail, I would request the SSA and prepare for a
longish wait.

Good hunting.

Stephen Warshall <>
Gloucester, MA

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