United Kingdom Visas #general

Gillian Zebaida

My great-grandparents came >from Mogilev Podolskiy, Ukraine to London in
1914 to attend their eldest grandsons' Barmitzvah in August 1914. They
could not return because of WWI and then because of the Russian Revolution.
They returned in 1923/24. I know where they stayed but I wonder whether
they would have had to apply for visas to enter this country and whether
they would have had to register as aliens while they were here. Does anyone
out there have any knowledge of the formalities they would have had to
complete and whether there is any access to these documents now in London.
Gillian Zebaida.
Researching: AMERIKANER (Ickelheim), BLUMENTHAL / ROBBINS (San Francisco),
(?Grosskrotzenberg), HERZBERGER / NORDHAUSER (Wustensachen),OPPENHEIMER
(Worms), HIRSCHMANN / SCHMIDT (Grosskrotzenberg) REUS (Reis/Reiss),
SHOVERS (Racine, Wi) WERTHEIMER (Mannehim), ZEBAIDA (Iraq/USA)

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