Yizkor Book Project update #general

Reeva Kimble <rKimble@...>

Dear JewishGenners:

January 1999 has been an exceedingly busy month for the Yizkor Book Project
during which we attempted to make a dent in our backlog. We succeeded! The
following yizkor books and lists have been added to the Yizkor Book Project
web site and Database entries are now up-to-date.

February will also be a busy month as we anticipate adding some very large

New Projects now Online

- Bergen-Belsen and Terezin concentration camps: various lists of
Czechoslovak inmates at Bergen Belsen and Theresienstadt camps were donated
by Barb Heinrich.

- Kisvarda, Hungary: this site has been expanded with summaries of the
towns around Kisvarda translated and contributed by Peter Spiro

- Kolbuszowa, Poland: the entire English section of "Pinkas Kolbishov"
was scanned by Phyllis Goldberg and contributed by the Kolbuszowa District
Research Group.

- Lida, Belarus: the table of contents and necrology >from "Sefer Lida"
were translated and contributed by Ellen Sadove Renck.

- Lyakhovichi, Belaraus: this site has been expanded by several chapters
from "Lachowicze: Sefer Zicharon" contributed by Stephen Warshall.
- Mariampole, Lithuania: the translation of the necrology from
"Mariampole al gedot ha-nahar Sheshupe" has been contributed by
James M. Friedlander.

- Nuremberg, Germany: Gerhard Jochem of the Nuremberg City Archives
has contributed additions and corrections to the necrology as well as
the booklet for the exhibition on the printing of the Gedenbuch.

- Rokiskis, Lithuania: the site has been expanded by the memorial list
contributed by Steven Weiss

- Staneshti de Zhos, Ukraine: the site has been expanded with the
addition of a memorial list and list of survivors printed in the 20th
an niversarybooklet and banquet journal contributed by Irv Osterer
and with an introduction by Lauren Scharf Azoulai.

- Tarnow, Poland: the name index in volume 1 of "Tarnow; kiyuma
ve-hurbana shel ir yehudit" has been transliterated and contributed
by Carole Glick Feinberg.

We are very pleased to announce that Lance Ackerfeld, who has with great
dedication and talent assisted Joyce in securing permissions >from the
landsmanschaftn in Israel, has accepted the newly created volunteer
position of Permissions Coordinator. His help has been invaluable and we
are delighted to publicly acknowledge his contributions to JewishGen's
Yizkor Book Project.

The database has now been updated with all submissions that have been
received over the past several months. If you have submitted data recently,
we suggest you search the database to make sure that it has been entered
accurately. In fact, it would be a good idea to search the database to
make sure all of your entries are correct and up-to-date. One technique
you can use to find all of your entries would search for your name, using
a "Global Text Search."

The database now contains 1313 contact entries, which now include
identification of the 77 chapters >from 62 yizkor books that are translated
in the 2nd edition of ">from a Ruined Garden."

Joyce Field, Translations Manager

Martin Kessel, Project Manager

Joyce Field

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