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On 1 Feb 1999, Jonina Duker wrote:

If an organization has a legal existence, that existence is defined by
the state (and sometimes also by the federal government depending on the
nature of the organization and reporting requirements). If an
organization becomes dormant the state has procedures, which vary from
state to state, about how the dissolution is handled and for how long the
organization will continue to exist in whatever format.
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In addition, don't forget to check at the largest library in your area for
the following. Back issues, if retained by your library, might reveal
when an organization was and was not listed, giving chronological clues as
to its demise.

Jaszczak, Sandra, ed.
Encyclopedia of associations
Detroit: Gale Research Co., published annually

Excerpted >from the title page:
This multi-volume set, also issued on CD-ROM, lists nearly 23,000
national and international organizations, including trade, business,
legal, governmental, scientific, cultural, social welfare, patriotic,
hobby, ethnic, religious, athletic, commercial, fan, etc. clubs.

Cynthia Van Ness, M.L.S.
Co-moderator, Buffalo NY USA genealogy page

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