Searching: Schrage Feivish Meyer LAPIDUS, b.1846, Ekaterinaslav #general

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Hallo Jewishgenners.

Elizabeth (Liz) Lapidus ZELVIN and myself are trying to enlarge on Liz's
Family Tree. The earliest known Progenitor was Schrage Feivish Meyer
LAPIDUS b. abt 1846 in Ekaterinaslav, (Kneipropetrovsk) Ukraine. His
wife's name was Pearl. Schrage had the following children Michael (Liz's
Grandfather) LAPIDUS, Hillel LAPIDUS , Sam LAPIDUS and Unknown Lapidus
RUSSAKOV. It would appear >from the correspondence Liz and I have been
involved in, that everyone with the name LAPIDUS that comes from
Ekaterinaslav, has been part of Liz's family. If anyone knows of LAPIDUS
from Ekaterinaslav, please reply privately to Liz ZELVIN or myself.

Best wishes,
Anne LAPEDUS BREST. Sandton South Africa. (ex Dublin, IRELAND)
Researching: : LAPEDUS/LAPIDUS (all spellings) Lithuania, Latvia,
Poland. BREST FAMILY from- Bauska, Latvia.

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