ALBERT, LEVINE, BAUM Leipzig, Zgierz, Roosha(?) Germany/Poland #general

Janet Reagan <sapres@...>


Gm: Elizabeth ALBERT (DeYoung) 7/8/1890 - 3/11/1971 b. Toronto, Canada

GGm: Bessie LEVINE b. Leipzig Germany; first husband _?___BAUM, one son
Charlie Baum d. in 1960's in Philadelphia
Bessie's 2nd husband, my GGf Jacob ALBERT born (his English
transliteration:) Roosha, Poland 1856 - 1929. They married 5/3/1881 in
Zgierz, Poland, came to Amer in 1882

anyone know where Roosha is, or if it is the expression for the time that
Poland was under the Russian flag?
Any idea how to find records for Zgierz or Liepzig? Would marriage license
for Zgierz in 1881 be locatable. Trying to find out the birthplaces,
ORIGINAL NAMES and PARENTS of my GGf, Jacob Albert, and GGm, Bessie Levine
Baum Jacob.

My grandmother Beth Albert DeYoung always said that she was >from Germany,
but I believe that her father was >from Poland.

Janet Goldstein Reagan
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

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