Searching: Yacov BORNSTEIN, b. Wloslavick (Pol.), end 1900s #general

Frieda Libaw <fbl2@...>

Searching for ancestors of Yakov BORNSTEIN who was married to Rosa
LICHTENSTEIN and who lived in Wloslavick, Poland toward the end of the
19th and beginning of the 20th century. He was a schochet and mohel.
Any information on this family and on the following would be gratefully

Am also searching for ancestors of Yoel-Wolf GOLDSTEIN and his wife,
Rifka LACHS (or LAX) who lived in Lipno, Poland, He was a member of a
Chassidic group and the owner of two enterprises; one that manufactured
cotton interlining for winter garments and the other that dealt with
crystal and porcelain ware. Rifka's father was Moishe Lachs, who died
ca. 1895 and her mother was Gitl who died ca. 1879. Both of these men
were highly respected members of the community and Moishe served as its
representative in dealing with the Czarist government.

I may be contacted at fbl2@... In lieu of direct information
any suggestions on how to conduct my search would be more then
welcome.Thanks in advance.
Frieda Libaw

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